Automatic cleaner Buhral with touch screen

€ : €8250,-

Fully automatic Buhral cleaner with touch screen control. Complete stainless steel and tested for function. Bwj 2004 New at the time 54,000 ex VAT. Now price 8250, - ex VAT. Almost in new condition, with instruction book. Provided with: Control arm with large screen, with touchscreen and overview of processes. Two storage tanks: wash water and rinse water tank: * Washing water area 70 x 130 cm level 50 cm Has a drawer where a filter can be placed, according to your choice of product composition. * Rinse water space 70 x 130 cm level 50 cm Cleaning booth 80 x 65 level 65 cm. With bellows seal on compressed air and sensor for closing the door. With basket (40 x 30 x 22 cm) holder that rotates slowly. In this room is a sink unit (nozzles are cleaned) and a blow-off unit (super air knife from Exair, is air knife and cleaned). Also a suction and heating unit. Both storage chambers can be heated, if desired, 55 gr. If these are at the correct temperature and the Cleaning cabin is closed and equipped with a basket with parts. Then there is release and a program can be chosen. He follows the program fully automatically, for example: * Fill cleaning chamber from washing water tank. Basket rotates slowly during filling. Nozzles spray washing water against hive. Time cycle and hive revolves. * Empty washing water in washing water tank and dripping out * filling cleaning chamber from rinse water tank Time cycle and hive revolves. * Empty rinse water back into rinse water tank and drip out. * Blow off with air, basket still turning. * Drying: heating by means of air in the cleaning chamber, air cools down after a time cycle and air is blown off by suction. After the complete program, the parts are clean and dry. There is also a program in which the contaminated liquid is drained (for example sewer or tank) and a room is filled with clean water. For example end of week. The machine is equipped with a Human Machine Interface on which all necessary information is displayed. With a Touch screen can be clicked per room and the temperature, water level, valves, valves, pumps, motors etc. are visible on screen. The various valves, valves, etc. can also be operated manually. Dimensions: 185 x180x H 220 cm. Empty weight 1200 kg. Noise level less than 80dB (A). Heating 19.5 KW. Electric consumption: 3 x 400 V 50 Hz and 80 Amp. Air consumption 500 NL / hour. Can be loaded with forklift.

    • Year
    • 2004
    • new price 2004
    • €54.000,-
    • Dimensions
    • 185x180 x H 220 cm
    • Weight
    • 1200 kg
    • Instruction book
    • Yes